Translating your accomplishments into top-tier business success is not easy.
We help you get there.

About Us. We are military veterans and graduates of Harvard Business School, and other top graduate programs. We work with exceptionally driven individuals looking to get into top business schools, top law schools, and the top most paying jobs. We've been in your shoes, and we're here to help top performers achieve their most ambitious goals.

About You. You've worked hard to be a professional and excel at everything you've ever done, but how does that translate into a high performance career in the private sector? Often you may be alone in your peer group pursuing the most competitive opportunities. How do you stand out and maximize chances of success with so much uncertainty?

About the Competition. We recognize there are many consulting services out there, but none understand the needs of highly competitive military applicants like others have who have been in their shoes and have made the successful transition into a high trajectory private sector career. Our consultants are second to none and are best equipped to to get into the most competitive positions.