There are three key pieces that go into a law school application that you can have control over: (1) LSAT, (2) Personal Statement, and (3) your Letters of Recommendation.  With only a single essay (the Personal Statement), applicants run the risk of being reduced to only the numbers (LSAT score and undergrad GPA).  There is therefore significant value in how one crafts their personal statement and selects their letters of recommendation in ways that stand out to the selection committee. 

Although many applicants feel that the law school application process is all about the numbers, this isn't true.  It can feel that way for most applicants because many of them are applying as college seniors and thus have relatively little to differentiate themselves other than scores.  For military members this is different.  Experience, especially military experience, is valued by elite law schools. How one successfully translates military duty into one's law school application however can be extremely difficult.

The following options are recommended depending on your situation:

Hourly Help

  • For those still deciding if law school or a joint degree is appropriate for them
  • For those needing very specific help in parts of the application

Strategic Package

  • For those who are certain that law school is for them and need a strategic "starter package" to get them on the right track and to help think through the personal statement on a strategic level

Tactical Package

  • For those who are far into their applications and need assistance with an existing Personal Statement

Comprehensive Package

  • For those who are committed to attending a top law school and are still early enough in the process to benefit from both the strategic and tactical packages

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