For the best results... get the best advice.

I reached out to MtB after speaking with a friend who had used their services. It was the best decision I made during the application process! Colin played an instrumental role in developing my personal brand and ensuring that my resume, letters of recommendation, and essays were all part of a unified and compelling narrative. Throughout the process he provided honest and direct feedback that was grounded in experience. When the time came for interviews, he conducted mock sessions that gave me the confidence I needed to be successful. If you are a veteran and you want to attend a top business school, MtB is the place to go.

-    Naval Officer, HBS


As I started the law school application process, I knew where I wanted to go but I had no idea how to get there. From the beginning, Mark provided valuable advice about the application process and candid feedback about my strengths and weakness. Over the course of the spring and summer he helped me craft essays that were compelling and supported my personal narrative. When the time came for interviews, he conducted practice sessions that set me up for success during the real thing. I would strongly encourage every military applicant who is serious about law school to reach out to MtB. It is THE best investment you can make!

-    Naval Officer, Harvard Law School


I contacted MtB immediately after I received my HBS interview invite for Round 1. After learning about the incredibly high success rate for MtB interviewees, as well as the AARs and interview guide I’d have access to, I purchased the two hour interview package. This was a great decision.

I did two full-blown mock interviews with Ben. Even over Skype he was able to help me improve my delivery, body language, and charisma. Most importantly, he was able to give me objective and candid feedback (something family and friends tend to shy away from).

I’d recommend the interview package to any veteran invited to interview. The cost is well worth the confidence and preparation you’ll gain after so much hard work.

-    Army Officer, HBS


I first met with Sophi in February, well in advance of the admissions cycle. We began working on my personal brand and she provided a great amount of guidance and insight that would go a long way towards being able to explain my future career goals in my applications. Looking back, the personal branding part of the application process was actually the most difficult part of the entire experience. Sophi helped tremendously, guiding me to identify the traits unique to my background that would allow my application to stand out from other applicants. I went from literally just wanting "a job" post-MBA to having a very specific career goal. Sophi's broad background and knowledge of several different industries certainly helped this process.

I appreciated Sophi's patience as I switched target schools no fewer than four times. She continued to be supportive and urged me to apply to the schools that I believed were the best fit for me. She was also very patient after I submitted a few draft essays that were of questionable quality (at best).

The thing that impressed me the most about Sophi was her attention to detail within the application process. She caught the most minor formatting errors that I would have never seen, and reworded sentences --which appeared to me to be well written--to improve syntax and flow.

She arrived at every meeting on time and well prepared, sticking to a structured agenda that would address all the important aspects of the b-school application.

Quite honestly, I was horrified at the sticker price (I purchased the "two school all inclusive" package) however, in hindsight the overall experience was worth twice what I paid. I received news last week that I was accepted to Fuqua - my top school - with a $45K scholarship. I'm convinced that without Sophi's help not only would I have not been admitted to Fuqua, but I certainly wouldn't have received any scholarship money.

-    Naval Officer, Duke Fuqua


With a year and a half head start on applications, I decided to reach out to MtB for guidance on how to best position myself leading up to applications at top tier business schools. Bobby provided excellent advice and kept me accountable as I worked through the GMAT and pursued extracurricular activities. When it came time to complete applications, Bobby helped me develop my brand, hone my interview skills, and craft a well laid out application. With more than a couple of blemishes in my undergrad transcript, Bobby helped me tackle them head on and turn them into successful additional essays. I have no doubt that MtB's expertise and guidance played a key role in my acceptance to Darden.

-    Air Force Officer, Darden


I contacted MtB on short notice a few weeks before my interviews for HBS and Booth. I was concerned that I was not as prepared as I could be for the final step of the process, and I purchased the two hour interview prep. I definitely made the right decision.

The AAR’s and the strategies in the guide helped me to prepare for every question that I received during the Booth interview. For HBS, the interview was considerably harder to predict. This is where the time spent on the phone with Mike came in.

Mike was able to give me broad strategies to approach unexpected questions. His coaching was instrumental to my success and greatly helped improve my confidence going into a nerve-racking 30 minutes. I would recommend the interview package to anyone.

-    Army Officer, HBS


I started my MBA research later than most applicants, and I had a lot of weaknesses to overcome. I was not a business/econ major, I am older, and my undergrad years were a weak point (due to lack of prestige and a low GPA). With the exception of the GMAT, I was not confident in my ability to hit all of the wickets necessary to earn acceptance at a top MBA program. I was so happy to find MtB, as Eric was there to help me every step of the way. I was most impressed with Eric’s essay editing and application feedback. I always thought of myself as a good writer, but Eric enabled me to take the written portions of my applications to the next level. Throughout the process, Eric helped me to highlight my strengths in order to turn attention away from my weaknesses.

Now armed with strong essays, tight goals, comprehensive interview prep, and a top GMAT, I gained a lot of confidence in my candidacy and decided to swing for the fences. I went from thinking in January that Tuck was a huge reach, to getting an acceptance letter from HBS in December. I cannot give Eric and MtB enough praise. Within a few weeks of having Eric in my corner, I knew that this was going to be money well spent. If you reach out to MtB and are willing to put in the time on your end, you will not be disappointed with the results.

-     Marine Officer, admitted to HBS and Kellogg


When I received the results of my GMAT/GRE scores I was extremely dismayed, and discourage to successfully transition out of the Army to attend my dream school in Europe. After my consultation with Yinon, and listening to his feedback and encouragement I was motivated again to apply. Not only did he go above and help me produce a resume I can be proud of, an essay that told my story and defined my brand, made time to accommodate me during late hours for interview preparation while I was in Korea, but additionally he gave me direction and purpose on what I want to do after my MBA. I can't thank him and his team enough.

-     Army Officer, IESE Class of 2019


My particular situation required that I apply to schools on a condensed timeline. As a result, I utilized MTB's a la carte services to specifically address areas I needed quick, effective, and useful feedback and guidance on. MTB's resume service and interview prep were essential to my successful acceptance. MTB's staff was extremely responsive, flexible, and professional. MTB support was exceptional and most importantly productive. With MTB's help I was able to coherently develop and communicate a narrative that properly encompassed my convoluted military experience and made it relatable to MBA programs. Simply put, my applications would not have been successful without MTB.

-    Marine Corps Officer, Wharton


I followed the MtB Blog for several years as a lieutenant, and always appreciated the great content. As I started seriously preparing for business school applications, I decided to purchase the MtB consulting package to help me navigate the process. It was money very well spent. Yinon provided feedback on my essays and resume that I never would have considered, and really helped me shape my narrative in a way that makes sense and is attractive to top schools. Once I got invited to interview at my top choice school, Yinon and I conducted a mock interview that not only was crucial in giving me a framework for answering questions, but also provided many tactical tips for answering common interview questions. Ultimately, MtB helped me get accepted to my top choice school. Throughout the entire process, Yinon not only provided great strategic advice, but was always there to promptly address even my most petty concerns. If you're serious about getting into a top business school, you definitely want MtB in your corner!

-     Army Officer, admitted to Columbia


I just wanted to thank everyone at MtB for all of your hard work and dedication in helping service members transition to Business School. I am an avid reader of the blog and I purchased the MtB Guide before beginning my applications. I applied to 12 programs (probably a bit on the high side), and I was accepted to 7, waitlisted at 2, and rejected by 3. I am excited to say that this fall I will be attending my dream school, HBS. I am sincerely grateful for all of the help I received from you guys, particularly from reading the guide and learning how to write a strong essay.

-    Navy Officer, HBS


When I decided I wanted to leave the Army for an MBA, I found myself to be far behind in the process. I had not yet developed any kind of personal brand and was very unsure of what I wanted to do post-MBA. My first session with Evan helped me take my strengths and translate them into a long-term, coherent strategy. He acted as a much-needed sounding board throughout the essay and interview preparation and offered sound advice when I needed it. I am confident that I would not have been as successful throughout the entire process without his help, and I highly recommend MtB to veterans interested in a top MBA program.

-     Army Officer, admitted to HBS and Wharton


Immediately after starting the application process, I realized that I was in over my head. I had never built a resume or interviewed for a job, and I had little understanding of what admissions committees were looking for. After a student at Stanford told me about MtB, I was put in touch with John. He quickly pointed me in the right direction, got my resume up to speed, and turned a rough, unpolished essay into a compelling story. John was my secret weapon during the entire process. I could not have gotten into the schools that I did without him!

-     Navy Officer, admitted to HBS and Stanford GSB


Mike was extremely useful during my MBA admissions process. I determined that I wanted an MBA before I knew what I wanted it for. Mike's coaching allowed me to figure out what I wanted to do for a career and then we were able to build my application around my goals. After my initial conversation with Mike, I was confident that he would help me build an application that got me admitted to a top school. Having Mike's support and guidance maintained my confidence through the process. He even met me for coffee during one of my of my interviews in NYC. I look forward to keeping in touch with Mike as I progress into school and a follow-on career.

-     Army Officer, admitted to Yale, Cornell, and NYU


Choosing to work with Eric was critical to my success with MBA applications. Eric provided clear guidance on what direction to take with each essay and expertly edited them, which helped me clearly communicate my experiences to the admissions staff members. The mock interviews I did with Eric were very similar to the real interviews I had with each school and made me feel much more comfortable and confident. Throughout the process Eric’s diligence, organization, and thorough understanding of the admissions process helped me differentiate myself from other well-qualified applicants. At first I was hesitant to work with a consultant, however after going through the process I highly recommend working with MtB. It will save you a lot of time and put you in the best possible position to get accepted to a top business school. It is one of the best investments I have made in my future and I would not have gained acceptance to five business schools without MtB on my side.

-      Marine Corps Officer, admitted to HBS, Kellogg, Columbia, UCLA and Johnson


MilitaryToBusiness was critical towards my success in the MBA application process. Eric provided sound guidance and advice throughout the process which began over a year ago with our first long term strategy session. This first session laid out a clear strategy that would eventually lead to acceptances at multiple top schools. Eric stayed involved throughout the process constantly giving me advice along the way. For me, it was critical to have someone who had been there before to act as a sounding board and to provide advice from essays to interview prep. I cannot recommend Eric and MilitaryToBusiness enough.

-     Marine Corps Officer, admitted to Kellogg, UCLA, and Yale SOM


I would enthusiastically encourage any military applicant looking for a 'leg-up' in the admissions process at elite business schools to take full advantage of the resources at MtB. On top of the already daunting process, I was concerned about the apparent underrepresentation of Air Force officers at top schools. I'm not sure I would have been admitted to HBS without Bobby shepherding me along. Without question, he helped me materially improve my application.

-     Air Force Officer, HBS


I had a great experience using MtB. Yinon helped me develop my personal brand and deliver a consistent message across my business school applications. He helped me think about effective ways to communicate my story and future aspirations to an audience unfamiliar with the unique nature of the military. When reviewing my essays, he provided valuable feedback leading to a directional change and a significant improvement to my message. The transition to the civilian world can be quite challenging, and I recommend MtB for any veteran pursuing an MBA program.

-      Army Officer, MIT Sloan


The consulting services I received from MtB were critical to my success during my application process. Even with a weak quantative score on the GRE, Eric was able to help me build a strong brand and craft my applications in such a way that significantly highlighted my strengths and unique background. Eric also went above and beyond by connecting me with other former Marine Officers who had been in my position only a few years prior, effectively expanding my network. Their mentorship, in combination with Eric's guidance, ultimately helped me make the decision to attend UCLA. There's no doubt in my mind that I would not have had the number of offers I received without Eric's expertise, mentorship, and candid advice. I highly recommend MtB to any military applicant aiming to attend a top-tier business school."

-     Marine Officer, admitted to UCLA, Johnson, and McDonough


I cannot overstate how thankful I am for having had Brian and MtB on my side for the application process.  I was hesitant about using a consultant and explored several different options, but I can unequivocally say that choosing to work with Brian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would not have gained acceptance and scholarships at three amazing business schools without his guidance.


The MtB process helped me fashion a coherent application package that supported my personal brand.  Brian pushed me to refine my essays and resumes beyond what I ever imagined.  His honest assessments of my application and interview skills enabled me to highlight my strengths and improve my weaknesses in every aspect.   The most unexpected and impressive part of the process was how much I really felt like he cared about my success, though.  Time and time again, he went out of his way to do everything possible to help.  He put me in touch with colleagues in my desired field of work and worked all hours of the day to accommodate a huge time difference. I could rave about Brian and my experience with MtB for pages, but the bottom line is: Working with MtB will set you up for success in the application process, and more importantly, the results will set you up for the rest of your life.  

     - Army Officer, admitted to Tuck, UVA, and Kellogg (with scholarship)


I reached out to MtB at the beginning of the admissions process for comprehensive assistance. The insights they provided were extremely helpful in developing a sound strategy for applying to multiple schools. Eric’s expertise in having previously transitioned from the military to the private sector proved invaluable to me as I began to navigate a similar path. On applications and resumes, Eric helped me to refine my ideas and career goals in order to communicate them more effectively to the civilians comprising each school’s admissions staff. In depth feedback from a thorough mock interview session helped me to better convey my thoughts and experiences within a formal interview setting. Thanks to their help, I felt prepared for each step in the process, and the results speak for themselves. If you’re considering applying to a top business school, contact MtB immediately. You will not regret it.

-      Naval Officer, admitted to HBS and Wharton


MilitaryToBusiness was absolutely critical to the success I had throughout the MBA application process.  During my first phone call with Eric, he laid out a clear road map and helped me develop a competitive strategy to apply to top business schools.

Utilizing MtB’s tried-and-true methods, Eric was instrumental in helping me throughout each step of the entire application process and deserves a tremendous amount of credit for my success. From our first strategy phone call to my acceptance at HBS, it was very evident that Eric truly cared about my success. I can’t recommend MtB more highly to fellow service members applying to top business schools.

-      Naval Officer, admitted to HBS and Booth


I cannot overstate how thankful I am for having had Brian and MtB on my side for the application process. I was hesitant about using a consultant and explored several different options, but I can unequivocally say that choosing to work with Brian was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I would not have gained acceptance and scholarships at three amazing business schools without his guidance.

The MtB process helped me fashion a coherent application package that supported my personal brand. Brian pushed me to refine my essays and resumes beyond what I ever imagined. His honest assessments of my application and interview skills enabled me to highlight my strengths and improve my weaknesses in every aspect. The most unexpected and impressive part of the process was how much I really felt like he cared about my success, though. Time and time again, he went out of his way to do everything possible to help. He put me in touch with colleagues in my desired field of work and worked all hours of the day to accommodate a huge time difference. I could rave about Brian and my experience with MtB for pages, but the bottom line is: Working with MtB will set you up for success in the application process, and more importantly, the results will set you up for the rest of your life.

-     Army Officer, admitted to Kellogg, UVA, and Dartmouth


MilitaryToBusiness was essential in my success of matriculating at Harvard Business School. Throughout the twelve month process, Eric, my consultant, helped me every step of the way. From GMAT advice (my score going from 610 to 700+) to defining my 'personal brand', I am extremely happy with my purchase and the services rendered by MilitaryToBusiness. If getting into a top business school is your dream, then you have found the company that will help get you there.

-      Marine Corps Officer, admitted to Harvard, Duke, and UCLA


The Military to Business personal discovery process got me into business school, plain and simple. John was fantastic at pushing me to refine my vague dreams and goals into presentable material for the admissions committees and I know I would have lost the admissions battle without his guidance. All of the materials from the Personal Branding Exercise to the Interview Preparation documents were on point and I would heartily recommend Military to Business to any service member serious about stepping into a suit and tie.

-      Air Force Officer, Duke


Yinon was critical to my success as a business school applicant.  Throughout the entire 11 month process, he provided sage advice and useful tips to make sure I had the best application possible. His GMAT study plan was spot on, and his resume review turned a timid first attempt into a strong document with compelling themes.

Most significant, however, were the rigorous and deeply attentive interview prep sessions. Coming from a military background with little experience in a civilian interview, he sharpened my rambling answers into tightly packaged nuggets that communicated a strong narrative.

I cannot recommend MilitaryToBusiness enough to servicemembers looking to transition. Whether you are a year from application due dates, or a month, MtB is the place to turn your dreams into reality.

-      Navy Officer, Stanford GSB


My consultant's advice was essential throughout the application process.  We established a plan, a timeline, a target GMAT score, and went to work.  From day one, he was familiar with the duty positions I held and the missions I executed, and that was vital in translating a decade of SOF experience into a successful resume, essay, and interview strategy.  The great thing about MtB was that Yinon did not tell me what I wanted to hear, he told me what I needed to be successful. 

There is no substitute for the combination of military experience and business acumen that MtB consultants bring to bear as they guide their clients.  If you have military experience and you want to attend a quality MBA program, then MtB is the consulting service for you.

-     US Army Warrant Officer, Vanderbilt


I used MilitaryToBusiness for interview preparation.  As much as my friends and family could help me, they (obviously) already knew me and I wanted to get a perspective of someone who had only seen my application materials.  Bobby was able to give me just that.  It also lived up to my expectation of candid feedback.  The first one was pretty rough for me, but after the feedback, I had a solid plan on how to prepare going forward.  The next and final session was much improved and I was able to go into my interview feeling completely prepared and relaxed.  If you're looking for candid feedback and coaching paired with a fresh set of eyes, I recommend MilitaryToBusiness interview preparation.

-      Air Force Officer, HBS


As a second time MBA applicant, I knew I needed to make a change in my approach to the process in order to achieve success this time around.  However, I still didn't know what that change was supposed to be.  I'd heard great things about MtB from a friend of mine who had employed their services the year prior, and decided to go with them myself.  As a candidate who'd spent close to a decade in the Navy (plus about a year in the corporate sector), MtB was able to pair me up with John as a consultant whose background/length of service was close to my own.  From day one, I could not have been more happy and impressed with the level of guidance and assistance provided.

Starting with our initial strategy discussion, it all started becoming clear to me how to tell "my story" in a cohesive and concise manner across each part of the application package.  This continued on through the résumé review for how to best highlight my accomplishments to an MBA program vice to a potential employer.  John's help with the essay drafting/review was nothing short of brilliant in aiding me to take my raw thoughts, and get them onto paper in the leanest and most effective way possible, without sacrificing actual content.  Prior to hitting send on the final package, the end-to-end review of my application proved invaluable in making sure that for me:  the right story was told, the full story was told, and nothing else was included which might have detracted from that story and led to a possible ding.  In preparing for the interview, John's guidance helped me achieve the appropriate "voice" to confidently stay on message and be ready for whatever lens the interviewer was going to use to search for holes in my candidacy. 

While it was painful thing to be denied during my first attempt at the MBA application process, it most certainly provided me the benefit of hindsight when I decided to give it another go this year.  I really can not believe the difference in the application package I put forth this time over what I submitted during the last.  The insights I was able to gain from John saved me from making so many repeat mistakes across just about every aspect of presenting my candidacy for MBA admission.  I absolutely cannot give MtB a higher recommendation to fellow veterans and service members applying to top business schools." 

-      Naval Officer, Columbia 


I had an outstanding time working with Jamal and MtB throughout my MBA application process. I needed the help, and Jamal provided. 

First, though I had done well in the military, I really no idea on how to tell my story to admissions committees. Jamal tirelessly helped me bring that story out, showing me the language I needed, and preparing me for not just for my MBA but for a successful transition to the business world.

Before starting with MtB, I was also still undecided on career path. Jamal helped me explore multiple options, and gave me a realistic assessment on how those options could fit with my story and themes. Those jumpstarts really helped me figure out what I wanted to do after my MBA.

In short, MtB was essential in my transition from the military to an MBA. It was also one of the best investments I've made!

-      Army Officer, Wharton


I cannot recommend working with Eric and MtB highly enough.  I decided to move up my application a full year and sent a SOS out to MtB about 6 weeks out from the R2 deadline. Eric agreed to take me on as a client and provided an unparalleled level of personal attention and advice as I balanced applications with GMAT preparation. He was critical in relating my background to the ADCOMs, focusing my efforts, and maximizing my time.    

Eric's insights were invaluable from school selection and essay themes to interview prep. There is no way I would have been as prepared as I was without the focus that Eric gave my candidacy.  I was prepared to reapply next year, but I ended up being admitted with scholarship offers to 3 schools, 2 of which are top 5 schools.  The investment in MtB easily paid itself off and jumped started my transition from the military. 

Eric truly cared about my success and it showed throughout my application- the results are hard to argue with. I only wish I had contacted MtB sooner!

-      Navy Officer, Kellogg


Thank you for all your guidance on my applications. Your insights were focused, your feedback was professional, and your service was valued added. The thorough interview prep, in particular, helped me approach the interviews confident, relaxed, and engaged. Most importantly - the results speak for themselves. 

-     Naval Officer, Admitted to HBS, GSB, and Wharton


MilitaryToBusiness was absolutely critical to the success I had throughout the long and intimidating MBA application process. I contacted MtB just over a year ago, and it was (by far) the best decision I made throughout the entire process. One year later, I have 5 offers from top 15 schools.

Eric's guidance throughout the entire process truly made everything easier to manage, and the results speak for themselves. Through the ups and downs of three GMAT attempts, indecisiveness on when to apply, and the grueling essay/resume/interview process, Eric provided thoughtful and meaningful advice. It was clear that Eric cared about my success and was completely dedicated to ensure that I received the results I deserved.

If you're serious about applying to business school, contact MtB immediately. Get an assessment, grab some advice, and use MtB's proven process and expertise."

-     Marine Corps Officer, admitted to Wharton, Ross, Fuqua, Darden, and Yale


I would describe my experience with MtB as more than a consulting service; it was instead that of a mentorship on my transition from the military to civilian life. Yinon not only gave me the technical know-how on making that transition, but also the insights as to what qualities are valued in a veteran by the business schools and how I should highlight and bring those qualities out in my resume and applications.

I started connecting with Yinon almost 3 years ago, and right from the start I knew then that he was the consultant I wanted. I spoke with 4 b-school consulting services before I committed to MtB, and none of the others will understand veterans like MtB does. He understands our language and where we come from. Based on my situation, he gave me a multi-year plan and a long term vision of the b-school application process and my future career plans. He was patient with my questions and provided detailed answers. If we encountered something that was out of his area of expertise, he would do the research, conduct his own assessment, and discuss what he thought my options were. He was also very timely in his response, even during peak application days and immediately following my HBS interview.

I would have not gotten into HBS and Wharton without Yinon and MtB, and probably would not have made such a successful transition into the next chapter of my professional career.

-     Army Officer, HBS and Wharton Admit


After receiving several rejections despite a 700+ GMAT, above average GPA, and having spent a small fortune to work with a big-name admissions firm and visit schools, I was more than a little disappointed with myself. However, I knew I needed the MBA to reach my career goals and was determined to ensure this season would be different. I sought a partner that was experienced, successful, and truly invested in my success; I found that and more in MtB. 

Working with Yinon was the chance to collaborate with a consummate, quiet professional. Yinon provided honest, straight-forward feedback on my dings from last season. He and Danny wasted no time in helping me identify my personal brand and re-structure my narrative to effectively capture the attention of the admissions committee. From the in-depth essay edits to the truly personalized interview prep, MtB was extremely capable, supportive, and direct. I will always feel indebted to Yinon and Danny for their unparalleled professionalism, commitment, and support.

Bottom line: if you're determined to attend to a top business school, don't waste time as I did. CONTACT MtB. You'll be writing your own 'thank you' several weeks later.

-    Naval Officer, Wharton and Dartmouth Admit


Just begining the application process can be a challange.  Eric helped me to clarify my goals and accomplishments and identify my strengths and weaknesses.  Through his structured and methodical approach, I was able to weave my unique story into a single cohesive message that resonated throughout my application.

-     Marine Corps Officer, MIT Sloan


I reached out to MtB after receiving invitations to interview at several business schools. I had referenced the MtB blog heavily during the application process and heard great things from current students who had used MtB. I strongly believe that MtB helped me put my best foot forward on interview day. Yinon's expertise on the MBA admissions process was invaluable. He provided guidance and resources that really helped open my eyes as to what I needed to prepare as a military applicant. His mock interview was tough and it really set the bar high for my final week of preparation. After Yinon's help, I found myself wishing I had involved MtB earlier in the application process! I highly recommend MtB to any military applicant.

-     Air Force Officer, HBS Class


MtB was an outstanding resource. I used MtB through my first GMAT prep books to my HBS admittance letter. Eric was a reliable consultant through the entire process. He helped guide my career aspirations, challenged my views, honed my essays, and provided me confidence when I was feeling discouraged. I recommend MtB for anyone who wants to transition from the military and pursue graduate level education.

-     Marine Officer, HBS and Wharton dual admit


The prospect of transitioning from the military to business school can seem daunting at first, but Yinon made the application process very straightforward and much less stressful. He carefully took me through each step of the process, from developing an application strategy and articulating a personal brand to resume and essay editing, and finally interview prep. He provided insights and candor that were an essential component of my being accepted to Stern despite a less than ideal GMAT score (670). I had spoken with other MBA consulting firms, but MtB was the first one that I felt truly understood where I was coming from and how to articulate my story. I recommend MilitaryToBusiness for any officer looking to transition to a MBA program.

-      Army Officer, NYU Admit


After getting pummeled by admissions committees in Round 1, I turned to MtB because of their fantastic reputation.  Yinon unlocked my unique story and along the way provided perhaps the best professional development I've ever received in nine years in the military.  Despite my less than stellar undergraduate GPA, I was admitted to both Wharton and Columbia.  Working with MtB gave me the last luxury I expected to have after such a lousy Round 1 experience — choice.  

-     Army Officer, Columbia Business School


Almost two years before I applied to Business Schools I started working with MtB to create a competitive strategy to apply to top MBA programs.  Yinon was instrumental in helping me throughout each step of the entire application process and deserves a tremendous amount of credit for my acceptance to Kellogg. 

As an applicant with a mediocre academic profile at best, I knew I would need to bolster my candidacy through my essays and interviews.  MtB helped me creatively put my thoughts onto paper and taught me how to communicate my intentions to a level that I never would have reached on my own.  I can’t imagine finding a better source for essay and interview prep.  I really respect how honest they are with questions or feedback – never sugar coating anything and candidly letting you know when something needs improvement. 

Simply put, I firmly believe that I wouldn’t have gotten into a top school without MtB, and I strongly recommend their services for any military officer considering applying to competitive MBA programs.

     - Naval Officer, Kellogg School of Management


Stern awarded me a military veteran scholarship that covers my entire tuition and fees.  To say that I'm 'pretty stoked' is definitely an understatement.  I wanted to send you a note to say thanks again for your guidance.  I wouldn't have even received admission much less a full ride without your help.

     - Air Force Officer, Stern Business School


Like many others, I underestimated the business school application process. After tirelessly working through MBA application essays, I found it difficult to convey exactly what I wanted. I reached out to MtB on a short deadline for guidance. Yinon quickly analyzed, organized, and offered invaluable insight.  Along with his insight, Yinon sent me a unique article that enlightened my thinking. MtB helped me craft my stories effectively and efficiently. I was extremely satisfied with the service and I feel that the value MtB provided paid dividends in the entire process. I am excited to be matriculating at Chicago Booth this fall.

     - Army Officer, Booth School of Business


MtB was extremely helpful during my business school application process and they guided me in putting together the best package possible. Their insight was invaluable in better understanding how to demonstrate what my skills and experience could bring to a top program. Most of all, though, MtB was always pulling for me and willing to answer any question I had—large or small—with candid and timely advice. They are experts in every facet of the admissions process, including the intangibles. They know what they are doing because they have been in your shoes before.

One of the most important steps was talking through my career goals; MtB showed me what paths were possible and attainable, helping to bring focus to my plans. Their candid advice was also instrumental in finding a few flaws and inconsistencies in my essays that detracted from what I really meant to say. By pointing out these issues, they helped bring clarity to my essays.

Finally, the interview prep was outstanding. Through several practice interview sessions, I was able to calm my nerves and learn to bring out the best of my personality. MtB helped me refine my answers to the most obvious questions, allowing me to capitalize when they were asked. Just as valuable, though, was the practice with curveballs—which the top schools like to throw. The tips in how to think about these answers really prepared me for a few tough interviews. Thanks MtB!

     - US Military Officer, Triple Admit GSB, HBS, Wharton


As I began the MBA admissions process, I had an idea of the schools I wanted to go to and what I wanted to do as I transitioned from the Army, but quickly realized that I would need help translating my skills and  selling my military experience as a valuable addition to an MBA program. 

From start to finish, Jamal helped me understand the admissions process and how to create the most competitive package possible.  The tools and candid feedback he provided for each piece of my applications were invaluable.  From initial strategy session to interview preparation sessions, and every step in between, Jamal gave me proven tips for success to make my positioning effort shine through.  Based on the differences between my first drafts and final resume and essays, I seriously doubt that I would have been invited to interview at any of the schools to which I applied had I gone it alone.  With Jamal’s guidance, I was able to make successful bids at HBS, Wharton, Duke, and NYU before I withdrew my final application from consideration. 

I highly recommend MtB services for any military applicant hoping to make the transition to business school, and can easily say that I would use them again if I were starting from square one.

      - Army Officer, HBS and Wharton Admit


MtB is an absolute must for officers who are looking to attend a graduate program.  Military officers have incredible leadership experiences, but we need to properly convey these stories with a business focus.  This is why hiring MtB was the most crucial step in my application process. 

My mentor, Danny, first evaluated my candidacy and helped minimize my main weakness, a VERY low undergrad GPA.  He then helped me craft a compelling narrative that captured my leadership experiences in a powerful way.  Danny did this, in part, by making his personal network available to me.  He put me in touch with members who currently work in my future industry, media, allowing me to gain a more substantive knowledge of specific career opportunities.  I then was able to clearly define and refine my personal brand. 

Danny worked with me on multiple essay revisions and robust interview preparations giving me a significant advantage over my peers.    Simply put, without MtB, I would not have been able to meet the challenge of gaining acceptance to a top school.  If you are a military applicant who is serious about applying to business school, your first step is to hire MtB.

- Air Force Officer, Columbia and NYU Admit


Throughout my experience with MtB, the thing that impressed me the most was the personal attention I received.  Danny worked closely with me to develop a strategy and present my story it in a way that highlighted my natural progression from the military to the business community and caught the attention of admissions committees.  Danny gave me sound and thorough advice on all aspects of the MBA application process from networking at MBA fairs abroad to interview prep.  He spent a lot of time revising and refining my essays until they reached a point where they hit all of our major objectives succinctly and crisply.  Danny was always available to answer any questions I had and to offer his perspective and expertise even when he had no power due to Superstorm Sandy. 

The support I received and knowledge I was able to draw on from MtB made all the difference in helping me organize and present a brand that was appealing to the admissions committees.  I felt as though Danny was deeply invested in my outcome and I am certain that I would not have been admitted to Tuck without MtB.

     - Army Officer, Dartmouth


I really didn't know if I could get into a top tier business school because of my 2.6 undergraduate GPA, but by working on my application with Yinon, I was able to overcome this significant weakness and present myself as a competitive applicant.  Yinon's knowledge about the admissions process and experience working with servicemembers transitioning to business school were invaluable resources that helped me get into my business school of choice.  There is no question in my mind that I wouldn't have had a chance without Yinon's help.

     - Army Officer, Wharton


After two initial phone consultations with Yinon and Veritas Prep, I decided to hire them both.  Though Veritas proved helpful, Yinon is definitely in a league of his own. Midway through, it became clear that Yinon knew more about how to build a successful b-school application than the entire team at Veritas!  In the end, I placed my entire confidence with Yinon. From overall application strategy, to school selection, to drafting essays, to resume rewrites, to tactical nuances of individual schools and the interview process, Yinon helped me craft the best application package I could possibly put together. He's also extremely gifted at enabling someone to dig deep to discover the most compelling aspect of an application--yourself!   I've read every b-school application book in the market, and Yinon seemed to cover everything they failed to mention or gloss over (e.g. what about you makes you "you"?).  He's obsessively passionate about what he does, and he cares so deeply about helping his clients succeed.  After working with Yinon for 2 months, I got accepted to Columbia Business School--my #1 choice--and Chicago Booth.

For anyone serious about gaining admission into a top 10 MBA program, look no further.  MtB has a reputation for success, and there's a reason for it:  THERE'S SIMPLY NO ONE BETTER.

     - Air Force Officer, Columbia and Booth


After finally breaking 700 on the GMAT I set my sights on Columbia Business School early decision. I wanted to do this right so I researched a few different consultants and MtB stood out as the only service that really understood and catered towards Military JOs. I went ahead with the Standard package and from start to finish Yinon simply killed it. Yinon’s invaluable expertise and support led to an excellent application.

Specifically Yinon elevated my essays to the next level. He helped bring focus to the themes I was really trying to communicate to the Admissions committee. His help crafting my resume and guiding my recommenders was crucial. Finally when I emailed Yinon that I had my interview the very next day he took over two hours out of his night to help me prepare and refine my answers to common questions. In sum, I came to MtB with a target school and with Yinon’s help I managed to nail it.

     - Navy Officer, Columbia Class of 2015


I purchased the premium school package and worked with Zane, a former Navy submariner. The service I received was fantastic and worth far more than what I paid. Zane helped me rework my resume so that now when civilians read it, they say “Wow!” instead of them scratching their heads from all of the military jargon. Zane was able to help me craft my unique personal brand that helped me truly express in my applications who I am, what I have done and what I plan on doing with my MBA. Even my recommenders commented on how the MtB adapted guidance I gave them enabled them to write much stronger recommendations.

Without MtB’s help I don’t think there is any way I would have been accepted into my dream school, Stanford. I have told all of my peers transitioning out of the military and thinking about business school, that if they want to get into a top school they need to make sure they use MtB. 

     - Navy Officer, Stanford GSB


When I started the process in Afghanistan, I was fairly disorganized and lacking a unifying theme for my essays and overall application.  I reached out to Yinon early on and worked with him throughout the process.  From the start, he was incredibly responsive and gave me honest, personalized feedback about how to best structure my resume and essays for a civilian audience.  Yinon also took more than two hours to work with me before my first interview and it paid off.  The first six questions I was asked were, literally, the exact questions that Yinon had grilled me on the night prior.  Working with MtB is a no-brainer for those who are serious about maximizing their chances  of getting in to top schools.

     - Army Officer, Columbia Business School


I wanted to thank MtB for their expert guidance and mentorship during my application process. Specifically, when they gave me the tools to simplify my story and communicate it in a structured way that is easier to write and easier for the reader to understand. MtB's customer service and products get an A+ in my book. I look up to my consultant as a professional and appreciate what MtB is doing for the service academy brand. 

- Air Force Officer, Consortium applicant who received a 100% scholarship


As I neared the end of my initial commissioning contract,  I was hungry for inspiration.  The last 5 years had been a blessed adventure involving combat tours, mentorship, and innovation, but I didn't know what would come next.  The Military to Business (MtB) blog, with its helpful and candid tone, provided that inspiration, as I was introduced to the possibilities that business school offered. The blog, alone, is a valuable repository of actionable and relevant information.  And much of it should be required reading for any military officer transitioning to the civilian sector, ESPECIALLY those considering graduate school.  That said, having the MtB consultants in my corner was a multiplier.  Yinon showed a genuine interest in my transition plan, helped to refine it, and then assisted in execution every step of the way.  His analysis is accurate and his advice is candid.  Yinon helped me mitigate the gaps in my candidacy and reinforce my strengths.  His method of recommender preparation is so thorough, that several of my recommenders, who've written many letters of recommendation, complimented me on how I handled the process.

He cares deeply about the military fraternity and his fellow service member's well-being, as is evident by his work aside from MtB.  I would, and have, recommended MtB to fellow service members transitioning from active duty. 

     - Marine Corps Officer, HBS


My work with Yinon started in the spring after I was rejected (without interview) or waitlisted by

every school I applied to the previous year. I had a Ding Analysis conducted and did a phone consultation to discuss my path going forward. I was very impressed with the feedback I received so when it came time to re-apply to business school I knew that I wanted help from MilitaryToBusiness. Yinon was very pro-active and helped me craft my story in a way that was clear to civilians and better suited for business lingo than military jargon. When it came time for essay and resume revisions his responses were always prompt and insightful.

Being a graduate of a state school with an undergraduate GPA of 3.0 in engineering I knew that I had to knock the rest of my application out of the park to have a shot at my top choice schools. Yinon helped with my re-application to Columbia Business School and my first time application to Booth School of Business. I was accepted Early Decision to CBS and invited to interview at Booth. These were the only schools I applied to in the first round of applications; I went from 0 for 4 by myself to 2 for 2 with Yinon's help as a re-applicant. I would strongly encourage any military applicants to hire MtB to help coach you through the challenging and stressful process of business school applications.

- Air Force Officer, Columbia Business School


Before beginning my MBA applications, I had generated a few scattered ideas about my past accomplishments, strengths, and future goals to use in my essays.  Yinon helped me develop a cohesive story that tied together my educational background and military experience, using both as building blocks to highlight a way forward into the private sector.  He offered excellent guidance as to how to position myself to most take advantage of my strengths.  I particularly recommend the MtB service for military applicants because the team understands how to leverage an applicant's leadership experience to portray a potential for success in business world.  Yinon's feedback enabled me to write compelling essays that greatly improved my candidacy and earn acceptances to Columbia and Booth.

     - Air Force Officer, Columbia and Booth


MtB was critical to my successful application to Harvard Business School (and the 4 other schools I applied to and was interviewed by before pulling my applications). Yinon helped me clearly outline my goals and values and then communicate them to HBS through my essays and interview.  The differences between my first and last drafts are incredible.

If you are trying to transition from the military to a top business school and don't work with MtB you are putting yourself at a big disadvantage from the start.  You might be the top person from your unit, but your competition consists of the top people from other organizations who have just as many awards and achievements as you do.  If you want to help set yourself apart, then invest in yourself and work with MtB.  You will not be disappointed.

     - Marine Corps Officer, HBS


Yinon’s advice and assistance were absolutely critical in crafting a gleaming, tailored application that ultimately earned me a spot at Harvard Business School.  Yinon guided me step-by-step, bringing in a wealth of knowledge to what seemed like a previously ambiguous and complex application process.   He is an extremely resourceful advisor who is thoroughly versed in all the in’s and out’s of MBA admissions, and is also painstakingly meticulous in every essay edit.  Moreover, I particularly appreciated his personal commitment to help you succeed – he truly cares about the success of every applicant.  I wholeheartedly recommend MtB services to any military applicant desiring to transform strong credentials into an acceptance-winning application.

      - Navy Officer, HBS and Wharton


From the beginning, I trusted Yinon because he displayed a genuine care for me as a person and applicant.  Yinon spent hours building a framework for my application and helped me meticulously craft essays and resume that conveyed my unique, personal background and military experience.  With his trusted advice, I was accepted to my top school.

With the utmost confidence, I highly recommend MtB’s service to anyone applying to business school.  You won’t regret it.

          - Army Officer, Wharton Class of 2014


After stumbling through the application process while working 80-hour weeks as a company commander, I knew I needed someone in my corner. Rob didn’t pull any punches and gave me honest, direct feedback through every step of my applications. He even went out of his way to evaluate my last minute, complete re-write of the “what matters most to you and why” essay for Stanford GSB. Once the first hurdle was cleared, Rob’s mock interview sessions were instrumental to my success during a grueling HBS interview. The services that MtB delivers will enable any military applicant to truly produce his or her strongest possible application to the world’s top business schools. -Army Officer, Stanford GSB and HBS Class of 2014 Dual Admit

       - Army Officer, Stanford GSB and HBS


I wanted to let you know I was officially accepted into the Kellogg school of management today.  Thank you so very much for your coaching, mentoring and guidance through the admissions process; I know you are one of the main reasons I was accepted into the school, and  I simply could not have done it without you.  You took a person who was rejected by UT-Austin and shaped him into a viable candidate for Kellogg.  In my opinion, you have super powers.  Thank you again.

      - Army Officer, Kellogg (R2). Dinged at 5x schools in R1 before working with MtB


I reached out to Yinon immediately after receiving interview invites to Wharton and HBS.  I scheduled a 2-hour session with Yinon over the phone to practice for the interview.  This proved to be EXTREMELY valuable for my actual interviews.  I didn't realize how difficult it was to clearly and effectively answer even the most typical interview questions.  We practiced delivering my 2 minute walk through of my resume, which turned out to be the start of both of my real interviews.  In our practice, Yinon really helped me key in on what was important and gave me tips about how to cut down my answer to give only key details and entice the interviewer to ask follow up questions and start a dialogue.  Had we not gone through anything else, Yinon's guidance on my introduction was worth it in itself.  The practice helped me start off both interviews on the right foot, kept me from being nervous, and helped me to engage the interviewers immediately. 

The other extremely valuable interview technique Yinon helped me with was how to integrate stories into questions to illustrate examples of my positive character traits rather than just listing them.  For example, for a question such as "What would your co-workers say about you?", instead of giving a 1-2 sentence answer about how good of a leader/worker I am, you can leave more of an impression by telling a story that emphasizes those character traits instead.  This was another valuable technique that helped me deliver a better interview.

Overall, the interview preparation was a huge help.  Yinon gave me his full attention, gave great feedback, and even went over the time I paid for so that he could get through everything he wanted to work on.  All of his advice was spot on.  This preparation made my real interviews go much smoother, and I walked out of both admissions offices confident that I had done a great job.  A lot of the questions were directly things that Yinon and I worked on and flushed out solid answers for.  Ultimately, I was accepted into both Wharton and Harvard, and Yinon's inteview preparation was instrumental in my success.

      - Navy Officer, HBS and Wharton


Contacting MilitaryToBusiness was the single best decision I made prior to applying to business school. With Yinon’s help, I was able to convey my personal story and career vision flawlessly, linking my past experiences and skill set with a coherent plan for the future. Yinon's guidance during the interview prep-session was invaluable and prepared me to respond confidently, with succinctness and clarity. I highly recommend the services of MilitaryToBusiness to all aspiring Business School applicants. Yinon truly helped me put my best foot forward and provided keen insight along the way.  

        - Army Officer, Wharton


MtB's expertise, attention to detail, and candor were instrumental throughout my entire  application process. With Yinon's help, I was accepted by every MBA program I applied to (HBS, Wharton, Tuck, Fuqua, and Darden) and received significant scholarship offers from 3 of the 5 schools.

Simply put, I would not have been nearly as successful without Yinon's insight. He was incredibly quick and constructive with multiple iterations of essay edits and truly helped maximize each story's potential as well as get the most bang-for-my-buck with limited word counts.

Yinon offered hours of his time to help prep for my HBS interview and helped streamline the messages I was trying to convey. I began with a loose collection of ideas of how I would respond to various question. The endstate, after Yinon's help, were specific, memorable, poignant talking points that would help justify an admissions offer.

If you're looking for a pat on the back and for someone to tell you you're a shoe-in at X business school, look elsewhere. MtB provides candor and motivation to truly get you where you want go.

I recommend the services of MtB to any committed military applicant in the strongest possible terms. If you are serious about making such a drastic career change and life decision, don't do it half-heartedly. Spring for the invaluable services that MtB has to offer. You certainly won't regret the investment when the acceptances start coming in.

      - Army Officer, HBS


MtB’s guidance was crucial in distilling my thoughts during every stage of the application process, especially early on in the strategy phase when I did not have a solid grasp of what I wanted to achieve with my post-military career.  We worked hand-in-hand expressing my stories and translating them into meaningful life experiences tailored for business school essay topics.  Yinon's feedback to my essays were prompt and on point.  I could not have constructed coherent business school essays or application without Yinon’s help!  The mock interviews prepared me exactly for the interview questions that I faced.  Definitely would recommend their service!

      - Army Enlisted, Wharton and Columbia

My decision to use MilitaryToBusiness was one of the best choices I made during my business school application process. Yinon helped me craft my story, highlight my strong leadership background, and ultimately overcome a quantitative score in the 50s percentile to gain admission to two of my target schools, one with a scholarship. Additionally, the interview preparation gave me the confidence to handle tough questions and answer each concisely and with detailed and pointed responses. The perspective provided by Yinon, who was in my shoes a few years prior, allowed our conversations to flow seamlessly and is what makes MilitaryToBusiness unique among consulting services. I highly recommend this service for aspiring military business school applicants.

       - Army Officer, Johnson and Ross


MilitaryToBusiness was with me the whole 18 months - from inception to acceptance. MtB combined strong industry knowledge, frank advice and motivation to get me across the line. Their off the shelf services provided me with critical skills and information pertinent to my position as a former military officer. I walked into interviews armed with practice and techniques which were second to none. The day I received my acceptance letter to Wharton was one of the best days of my life - I truly thank MtB for helping me along the path to success - I truly would not have succeeded without your help and encouragement.

      - Non-US Army Officer, Wharton


The arduous business school application process initially intimidated me, but I absolutely made the right decision when I decided to work with MilitaryToBusiness. Yinon's detailed and individualized guidance took the ambiguity out of a daunting task and ultimately led me to put together the best applications I possibly could. Yinon provided insightful, detailed feedback via both phone calls and e-mails on my essays that really helped me communicate my story in the most effective ways possible, and his thorough interview prep helped me translate my military experiences into the civilian skills that business schools value. What I appreciate the most is how Yinon went the extra mile for me every step of the way by offering his insights into business school, post-business school opportunities, and answering any questions I had, big or small. I am confident that I would not have been as successful as an MBA candidate without Yinon's help, and I absolutely recommend him to any military officer applying to top tier business schools. You won't regret it.

      - Army Officer, HBS and Stanford GSB


The feedback I received from MilitaryToBusiness on my resume and application essays was invaluable.  I applied while deployed, so I felt particularly disconnected from the business world and the application process.  A true professional in both military and business, Yinon provided the advice I needed to get my application on track.  He explained what I needed to convey to the board of admissions, and he provided the tough chops that were necessary to make my application shine.  If you want someone to pat you on the back and tell you that your first-draft application is golden, this service is not for you.  However, if you want to significantly improve your application, invest in yourself and give MilitaryToBusiness a shot. 

      - Marine Corps Officer, Darden


I hadn't conducted any kind of interview since I applied to college over 8 years ago and was definitely in need of some extra preparation. MtB's interview prep was exactly what I needed to get myself ready for the interviews I faced. The mock interview I had was spot on in preparing me for the successful Harvard interview I later had.

       - Marine Corps Officer


Working with the guys at MtB is a great experience.  From the moment that you email them, you will receive a warm and quick reply asking how they can assist you in reaching your dreams.  I look to MtB to help me with the interview because after spending countless hours on the GMAT I did not want to risk being unprepared for the final leg of the B-school journey.  I am proud to say that I gained acceptance into the school of my choice all thanks to the wonderful help of MtB. Their team is awesome!


       - Army Officer, HBS


Enlisting the help of MtB was the best decision I made during the business school application process. Yinon's advice and guidance were critical in creating tailored applications that set me apart from my peers. I'm extremely pleased with the experience - essay crafting, interview prep, general professional advice, etc.  Yinon was able to translate my military experience into the business language, hi-lighting my unique military skill sets.  My essays evolved into a well-articulated, cogent story - each essay worked in unison and told my story in a very convincing and powerful way.  Every detail of my essays were analyzed, yet I enjoyed the process - Yinon and I worked very well together and I could tell that he truly cared about my success.  Yinon streamlined the complicated, arduous application process and ultimately enabled me to earn a scholarship at the London Business School.  I am extremely pleased with the results and will definitely contact Yinon for professional advice in the future. 

      -Army Officer, London Business School


I highly recommend MtB's services for any military veteran looking to submit their best possible application to top business schools.  Working with MtB throughout the entire application process was an extremely positive and rewarding experience for me.  From the first initial conversations with Yinon through the admissions interview process, using MtB was worth every penny and more.  Yinon's careful, detailed, and thoughtful advice helped me to think critically about how key life events have shaped me as a person and how to best present myself to the admissions boards of top Business Schools.  Yinon went far above and beyond to help me put my best foot forward in terms of my essays, applications, and interviews.  Additionally, as a veteran himself, Yinon's insights on how to translate military experiences into meaningful discussion points in a civilian context were a critical component in enabling me to gain acceptance at Wharton.  I cannot say enough positive things about my experience with MtB and I can truly say that anyone who works with them will not be disappointed--they are a top-notch consulting service that truly cares about helping their clients achieve success.  Furthermore and perhaps most importantly, the guidance I received from MtB provided me a great opportunity to reflect on my life experiences as a whole and the ways in which they have formed the basis of who I am as a person today.     

      - Marine Corps Officer, Wharton


Dave's advice was invaluable in understanding the nuances of applying to HBS from a non-traditional, military background. Having been accepted to HBS as a Marine Corps officer himself, he clearly understood what aspects of the military experience made for a compelling application. I'm convinced that his straightforward, no-nonsense critique of my essays helped them stand out in a field of thousands of qualified applicants. I cannot recommend him enough to military and other non-traditional applicants looking for some of the compelling advice that consultant or banker types get from their professional networks.

     - Marine Corps Officer, HBS


When I began my application process I had a general idea of how I wanted to portray myself through my essays and interview process but I did not have a crystal clear definition.  Rob was exceptional at listening to my story and helping me bring out my strengths and craft my application into a holistic view of myself.  I think most people can help with simple sentence correction but Rob is talented at helping you build and articulate yourself in a way that is appealing and ultimately successful through the entire application process. With Rob's help I got interviews at every school I applied to and will be attending Kellogg this fall.

    - Army Officer, Kellogg

Rob's assistance throughout the business school admissions process was paramount to my success.  I had fairly unimpressive GMAT scores, but with Rob's coaching I was able to formulate meaningful essays that made up for it.  I feel that his honest feedback and suggestions were what made the difference in my application.  Furthermore, conducting mock interviews with Rob vastly improved my interviewing skills and gave me the confidence and knowledge to excel during my interviews.  With Rob's assistance, I was accepted to both HBS and Wharton.  I would highly recommend his services to anyone seriously interested in attending business school.

    - Army Officer, HBS

MilitaryToBusiness was an instrumental factor in my acceptance to my dream school, MIT Sloan. Although I am an extroverted guy with tons of briefing experience from the military, I hadn't been in anything resembling a formal interview since college. Before sitting down with Yinon and doing the mock interview, I didn't even realize how far I had to go to be 'ready for prime time.' I stumbled at first, rambling my way through basic questions like "Tell me about yourself" and "What are your major goals?" Yinon offered a fair, candid assessment of my initial performance, and outlined a clear way to get to where I needed to be. Working together, we crafted my story using concise vignettes and anecdotes that the admissions committee would be able to immediately value. He showed limitless patience and continued to work through mock questions with me over the phone, even after our initial formal session. There is no doubt in my mind that our interview preparation made the difference for my Sloan candidacy, which ultimately hinged on my performance in their Behavioral Event Interview. Yinon was also a tremendous help with essay review - rather than just give vague feedback like "needs work" or "not clear enough" - he clearly explained every edit using notes embedded in Word, and always offered alternatives ways to craft my message. He understood where I had come from, where I needed to go, and the route I needed to take to get there."

    -  Army Officer, Sloan MIT

The tailored assistance I received from Dave throughout the application process was instrumental in the development of my application strategy and converting my military experience into easily understandable and compelling stories.  The thoughtful feedback I received on my essays and the targeted interview preparation greatly contributed to my 100% acceptance rate.  I was extremely happy with the service and would absolutely do it again. 

          -  Navy Officer, HBS MBA


Even if you’re not sure that you want to apply to business school, read every post of the Military To Business blog.  The information and perspectives that it imparts are invaluable.  I also worked with Yinon on my resume and interview preparation.  As someone who went straight from college and into the Marines, I had very little experience with these aspects of the “business world.”  Not only did he help me translate my military experiences into terms that civilians would understand and value, but also which experiences to highlight.  You might not get the feedback you want to hear, but you will get the feedback you need to hear.  Yinon's recommendations and insights were a key aspect in my admission into three top-tier business schools, all with significant scholarships. 

     - Marine Corps Officer, Tuck School of Business

I worked with Rob this winter on my application to Harvard Business School.  I had heard about him from another friend, and contacted him on short notice to try to get some help before me scheduled interview at HBS.  Rob was quick to respond to my request and had no problem fitting me in to his schedule.  He looked over my application, and scheduled a time on Saturday to meet and talk in person.  Rob talked me through his experience with Business School, the application process, and the interview and specifics of what would go on during the interview.  He then conducted a mock interview with me and provided feedback on areas where I could improve which was extremely helpful. 

The questions and feedback from Rob were crucial to my success in my interview for two reasons.  First, his feedback helped me understand how I could focus my answers and be more concise in my responses, greatly improving my ability to communicate during the interview.  The second that was helpful about this mock interview was that it calmed me down and gave me confidence for the actual interview on Monday.

Rob is a great resource about top tier MBA Applications and was extremely valuable to me in preparing for and completing my interview – culminating in my eventual admission to HBS in Round 2.

    - Army Officer, HBS


Rob was my sole advisor as I went through the application process at Harvard Business School and he truly took a personal stake in my admissions process, which ultimately resulted in my admittance.  I would recommend his services to anyone applying at any business school, as I've seen first-hand how his counsel significantly improved each aspect of my application process.  He never told me to change my story or reasons for applying, but he certainly challenged me to think through my logic and helped me to communicate that story much more effectively.  From proofreading essays to application advice to just being available for questions, Rob was extremely responsive, very knowledgeable, and I was amazed at the quality of his work.  He personally ran me through an extensive interview prep that paid off huge dividends when I was actually in the hot seat on campus.  His feedback is invaluable. I would recommend him to anyone hoping to be accepted at their top choice of b-schools.

    - Former US Army Officer (worked in public sector before deciding to apply to business school), HBS

Job Interview Prep


Rob was a tremendous help when I was preparing for my case interviews. He gave very direct and actionable feedback and also showed me a new way of organizing my thoughts so that I could quickly transition from analysis into recommendations. I did several sessions with classmates and current employees to prepare for my interviews, and I can honestly say that the session with Rob was the most helpful.

- HBS student who received offers from McKinsey and BCG


Most people told me transitioning directly from the military to a top consulting firm was not possible.  Without a doubt, you guys helped me get it done. Your advice and guidance was extremely useful and definitely gave me an edge going into the interviews. My consultant provided insightful and actionable advice that greatly increased my performance in case interviews.


- Army officer with a prior advanced degree going straight from the military to a post-MBA position at BCG


Rob met with me a week or so before I started my consulting interviews. While I had prepared by reading case interview books, and using online tutorials, having the face-to-face time was invaluable. Rob taught me his method of constructing the problem on paper so that it is easy for both me and the interviewer to follow through, creating a visible thought path. This is something I used through-out my interviews, in which I was ultimately successful. Rob was very professional and seemed genuinely interested in helping me gain confidence and the tools to do well.

- HBS student who received and accepted an offer from McKinsey


Dave's case interview prep was fundamental to my success in consulting interviews. His approach was efficient and truly customized to my strengths and weaknesses. Within a few sessions, I felt confident in my abilities to handle a variety of problems, and also understood more deeply what the interviewer is looking for. Simply reading books was not enough; I would highly recommend Dave to anybody hoping to sharpen their case-based interviewing.

- HBS student who received and accepted an offer from McKinsey