I'm thinking of getting out but I have no idea what path is best for me. I've always tried to be the best at what I do, but I've never had a civilian job and I have no idea how to think about different possible career paths.

I love what I do in the military, but I'm too frustrated by the lack of merit based promotions, lack of advancement, and after my command time, and I'm really not eager to make it a career. Will the civilian world really be better for me?

I intend to get out at the completion of my contract and I have a couple of years before I get there. What can I do now to help best position myself for the transition, whether for grad school or straight into the work force?

I recently got out of the service and took a typical job that recruited for junior military officers and I don't think this is going to keep me satisfied. Sould I consider alternatives, like an MBA or other career fields?


IF SO...

You are not alone. Thousands of people go through the same thought process each year. We certainly will never encourage anyone to leave military service. Time in uniform and service to your country brings a level of fulfillment and purpose that cannot be matched anywhere else. At the same time, there are many talented and achievement-oriented military personnel who get out every year but don't successfully maximize their potential. If you do choose to transition, we want to help make it as successful as possible.